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Having an unwanted or scrap 4WD or SUV can be challenging. For one, they take so much space in your garage and secondly they are difficult to sell. But there’s nothing to worry about anymore, because you can now call our experts at Act Cash for Car to get your 4WD and SUV removed.

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We are Canberra’s most experienced Auto wreckers and we buy your 4WD and SUV from you at the best rates possible. That’s right; we’ll pay you cash in hand for your wrecked 4WD and SUV because they are of great value to us.

4WD Wreckers Canberra

You can get in touch with us one of two ways: first way is by calling us on our helpline which is active 24 hours a day where you can speak to one of our team members to get a free quote estimate on your vehicle. You can also get access to us through our website where we have a “Get a Quote” form available for you to fill at the top right hand corner of the website which will also get you a response from us.

The best part about our services is that we’ll buy that 4WD and SUV from you no matter what its condition, may it be accident damaged, facing mechanical failure, scrap, old or wrecked, we’ve got you covered.

We also buy all other kinds of wrecked vehicles, including smaller cars and utes, plus bigger trucks and vans. Act Cash for Car accepts vehicles of all brands, such as and more. No matter how old your model or the year of your vehicle, we’ll take it from you

Our Wrecking Process

Once we pick up your SUV or 4WD, it is taken directly to our scrap yard where we have top quality equipment and a skilled team of professionals ready to carry out the wrecking process. Our wrecking process is completely eco-friendly because we are always trying to limit the harm done to the environment by wrongful disposition of vehicles.

At the scrap yard, our team of Auto Dismantlers will first strip the vehicle down its bare body and will remove its parts. Those parts, which are reusable including the engine, will be put aside alongside those that are recyclable such as the catalytic converter.

Why sell your 4WD or SUV to
Act Cash for Car

We deal with the removal of all types of vehicles throughout the year and our team has thus become experts at what they do. Our expertise is what has gotten us the reputation of being the best auto wrecker in Canberra that everyone calls when they need to dispose their wrecked vehicle. We have a team that is not only skilled but also polite, punctual and respectful to all our clients, keeping them happy at all times.

Our fast and efficient system

What’s left of the vehicle is then crushed to create a frame of scrap metal that is highly valuable and can be reused in various other industries. This is why we value all scrap vehicles greatly because they still have a lot of useful parts still left in them that we can reuse.

Act Cash for Car will hand you the cash on your doorstep right at the time of removal. No hassles, no haggle, no waiting for your cash. Call us at 0466970780 and talk to our expert 4WD and SUV wreckers in Canberra.